wtorek, 1 kwietnia 2008

"We humans, the warm-faced and tender, with thoughtful eyes -- we are perhaps the true machines. And those objective constructs, the natural objects around us, and especially the electronic hardware we build, the transmitters and microwave relay stations, the satellites, they may be cloaks for authentic living reality inasmuch as they participate more fully and in a way obscured to us in the ultimate Mind."

You tell me, who's doing the really hard work in these sessions between man and machine? Which entity is programmed and which is programming? Which is the more consistent, the more stable, the more predictable? Which is more fully and completely 'there' in these sessions? And which is distracted, divided, unaware of itself?
-DG::TotalDickhead::More Proof We're Living in a PKD Novel
All there its all there man


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